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December 15, 2011
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Know When to Fold 'Em by harwicks-art Know When to Fold 'Em by harwicks-art
Why should dogs get all of the poker related fine art?

I have to wonder where Twilight gets her money. I suppose being the town librarian pays something, but then again she's already getting free living space there. Fluttershy's income is also a mystery, but perhaps her little animal commune is self-sufficient. Or maybe Angel just helps her rake it in on Poker Night.

As for how the non-unicorns hold the cards, I'm going with "sticky hooves"... which, come to think of it, would be a pretty good name for a pick-pocket pony.

I obviously need more sleep.

UPDATED 12/17/2011:

Wow. Okay, so apparently people like this one. I've gone back and made some minor touch ups to it (and yes, I've added hints of the missing Cutie Marks... no wonder the poor CMC's obsess over them, what with the way people react when they're not apparent.) Perhaps doing corrections now is closing the barn door after 27,000 horses have gone through, but what the hell.

I've also changed the download to the full sized work image, which was 2x the resolution of what was available before. I warn you, if you think the artwork looks particularly pretty or meticulously done, prepare to have your illusions shattered by a close look. I have no hesitation to cut and paste and push pixels around like they were fingerpaints... and again, finishing this one was a rush job to get it out the door before the holidays, so there's not much of a final polish on it.

Not that there ever is on my fan stuff... It's all done in good fun. I just feel like I suddenly have some kind of reputation to live up to. The comments and response so far have been wonderful, but what people are really reacting to are the characters themselves, and all credit for them goes to Lauren Faust and Studio B for their work on the show.


As always, if you're looking to ask me for permission to use this artwork in a non-commercial way, feel free and make something awesome with it, but know that I neither created nor own the characters. And, of course, please don't take credit for my work. It's just not a nice thing to do.
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violetpone Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Also, lol at Rarity's pout face :P
violetpone Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Haha Twilight would need a book XD
slothseatrainbows Featured By Owner 5 days ago
omg i had this pic before as my wallpaper and i never found the artist but now i have and i love it your art is amazing 
PonyTechnology Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey I bought the poster of this off this seller on aliexpress but it's from this sketchy asian source so I'm not sure if this was done with your approval. This is an amazing piece of art and I want to support you so could you name a price and a method of payment? 
Shadowlord123456 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
No wonder RD's Winning, she's cheating! I see that card in her wing.
Dancing-firefox Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
vopn24 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
Looks like AJ wants to take Dash out back for a duel.
orionpaxg1 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
twilight looks hopeless
Candie-The-Fluffy Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student General Artist
i love the crown on rainbow dash's head xDDD
Beltar1 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
I guess Princess'es personal student has personal scholarship too. :) And she may take huge income as freelancer in magic and technics. In our world she would be programmer for sure.
There're more interesting question what Equestria would do if she would decide to become a criminal. Transforming things in money, teleportation, braking any door with brute magical strength. Bonnie and Clyde must just sit envy.

Flattershy may have some money from selling eggs. Otherwise I don't know why she owns chickens. X)
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