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February 25, 2012
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Wishes On Stars Are Her Jurisdiction by harwicks-art Wishes On Stars Are Her Jurisdiction by harwicks-art
I have no strong feelings about whether our fandom's grey pegasus makes her living as a mailmare, or whether she goes gallivanting around with a Doctor in a peculiar blue box. I don't mind at all the idea that she's a genius, or scatterbrained, or has an unhealthy obsession with muffins. I cast no vote on whether she lives alone or has a unicorn filly or even an adopted daughter on top of that.

For that matter, even though she'll always be Derpy to me, I harbor no resentment towards the name Ditzy.

I honestly love that there are so many interpretations of the character... after all, she's come to represent the many fans who love her, and those fans come in all varieties.

So thank you to all of the fans who carved out a bit of her personality in the countless creations that have been churned out. Everyone breathed a little bit of life into the cross-eyed mare, and something pretty special came from it.

As for Dinky, while I suspect that she was cast by fandom as Derpy's daughter for no reason other than a superficial resemblance, why not run with it? If some didn't want our pegasus to have to be alone, I can certainly support that sentiment. Everyone should have someone special in their lives... makes no difference who you are.

Besides, Luna had to be up to something for the year she was conspicuously absent following the pilot episodes. There was probably quite a backlog of pony wishes to clear from her in-box...
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and as the good fairy. i can see that
Animal983 Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
why do i not understand...
It's a reference to Pinocchio. Derpy plays the part of the wood carver and she has just finished carving Dinky into a beautiful wooden doll. But as the original movie goes, this is not enough and Derpy wishes on a star before falling asleep. What we see here is Luna granting that wish and giving life to Dinky.
Animal983 Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ooooooooohhhhhhh!! now i get it!!!
1Heartless1 Jan 2, 2014  Student Photographer
I love this picture, I love how you got the star bigger than all the other stars. :)
this^ so much... the feels... can't talk... busy feeling... :')
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